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Color Experts India offers fast, high-quality, and reasonable image editing services for product photography, e-commerce stores, clothing photography, and more.

We have deep knowledge in Image Editing Services, image clipping path services, image masking services, and high-quality photo retouching services at a reasonable price.

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Color-Experts-India is an Internet-based outsourcing company focused on bulk image processing services. Such as post-production photo editing. All image editing and retouching are 100% done by hand in Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool. Our highly professional support staff is available 24/7. Outsourcing helps thousands of customers save time and money by presenting high-quality service at reasonable prices.

Now we work with various clients Such as eCommerce retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, independent photographers, image studios, advertising firms, printing agencies, graphic design agencies, and software development agencies. Having a quality clipping path service can take an eCommerce business to another class. It helps to show a product with the original look and an appealing background so that clients get the interest to buy it.

You can’t ignore image editing; it happens everywhere at this time. Outsource clipping path services are a small part of image editing, but one that is a famous service for many business customers. Well! Using the Photoshop pen tool, our designers make the essential changes by removing irrelevant features from the picture and adding/ returning them with something appropriate.

how to make clipping mask in photoshop

Image Editing Services

Background removing, Photo Retouching, Clipping Mask, Shadowing, Ghost Mannequin Removal, and other photoshop editing services We provide. Our team is highly expert in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Lightroom services. We make your images look extraordinary with Professional touch! Our team knows that your photos mean a lot to you. We put our best effort to your business profitable and more satisfactory to your clients. Our team is here to work with you and make your dreams a reality.

The clipping path technique helps your attention to detail to produce realistic images. In these terms, the clipping path refers to a near vector form. “cutout” pattern is used to remove or displace a selected image’s

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The background of an image brings a real-life story without question. It maintains the time, place, or surroundings of the most joyous in our daily life. Thus, it can give an endless meaning to an image.

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Photo masking is a method to cover or protect an area with a layer. Other parts don’t get harmed at the time of editing. Based on the necessities, the saved image can change later.

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Our images are a very important way of telling our stories and creating special moments. Since photos are great at visual explanations, they are key to creating the perfect image you’ve been searching for.

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We have a highly professional and experienced dedicated team for photo editing and retouching services. The main motto of our service is to satisfy our clients. Many online business companies accept our services.

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Our professional graphic designers help remove the mannequin photos that tend to distract the clients from the product. Achieving the ghost mannequin effect takes skill and time to “master” .

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Starting at $1.49 USD/image


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When an image edit with low quality, it will affect your sales and business reputation. We provide affordable and high-quality image editing services to engage your buyer and increase sales.

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If you don’t have enough time to edit your images, we’re here to assist you. We provide fast, high-quality, and affordable image editing services within your tightest deadlines.

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We know the value of your money; that’s why we provide cheap image editing services within your budget. Remember that you’ll have no problem getting our services into your budget.

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