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Outsource your most difficult cutouts when you’re out of time and patience Hand-drawn edits so every editing product in your shot looks just wow.

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Color-experts-India at Product Photo Editing

They have all mastered Photoshop’s many aspects, such as the Pen Tool, which we use to zoom into your photo and get the clipping path to take out as much background as possible. It also helps maintain the object’s regular shape because it allows us to have the appropriate number of anchor points.

At Product Photo Editing, the procedure is to perfection. You will never see the photos edited. The result is a very perfect-looking image that is the effect of having the expertise in this method. In the procedure, every clipping path and cut-out was using a photoshop pen tool. Those are done to ensure control of the editing and thus achieve clean edges on all images. A Product Photo Editing delivers high-quality work to meet its client’s requirements. At Image Editing, you cannot go wrong with them.

“Clipping Path” is a technique of creating a lifelike image from another picture. Color-experts-India is complete by removing the image from its original background and this background looks more eye-catching.

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Product Photo Editing
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What is Product Photo Editing?

Product Photo Editing is a process where the images of any product are corrupt in different ways. Always Products are looking to be perfect and attractive to the customer. But sometimes images of products aren’t good. Every eCommerce business has thousands of products to sell in different marketplaces. Additional marketplace means additional requirements. To sell on these other marketplaces must be edited according to the specific marketplace rules.

Product Photo Editing Service Categories

  • background remove
  • Ghost-mannequin service
  • retouching service
  • shadow creation
  • masking service
  • Rotate and resize
  • Recoloring elements
  • Reshaping, liquifying and fixing symmetry
  • Creative product photo editing

background remove

We offer basic photo retouching, improving colors, removing inky shadows, and fixing white balance to your product images will bring economic profit. Cleaning is another step necessary for removing or deleting all distracting elements.

Ghost-mannequin service

To give customers a better idea of how particular clothes will look and when they wear them. But we use different 3D effects. The most popular process is called the Ghost Mannequin. And we can easily do that with your product pictures.

shadow creation

Shadows play a huge part in how customers perceive products. But we retouch product photos and try to preserve a realistic look. And Another essential adjustment is reflections. Those are especially important for objects with a glass surface.

masking service

You need to cut out your product from the original background. But you can take advantage of our Color-Experts-India. Our retouchers work accurately to save all product proportions and conditions.

Rotate and resize

Rotation helps show products from other angles. So resizing allows for highlighting particular items that may interest customers. People want to get as much visual information and details about the product as possible, and we will supply them with those details.

Recoloring elements

Do you need several similar products different in color? You can take a photo of one item and then order our product photo recoloring services. We make sure all colors and sizes look bright without a flashy effect.

Creative product photo editing

We work with color temperature profiles and improve vibrancy to capture the attention of your clients or buyers.

Reshaping, liquifying and fixing symmetry

Reshaping can show more elements about the product. The liquifying method or process makes it possible to push or pull specific pixels without failing quality. We also use professional product retouching instruments for improving symmetry to make your products look amazing.

High-Quality Product Retouching Services

Color-Experts-India company has been employing in product and photography retouching for many years. We work with photographers, businesses, e-commerce media, trading agencies, and average users from all over the globe. Our company helps them with all processes related to product photo editing with the background. Finish with qualifying edited photos for print, web, and social media.

You order basic eCommerce photo editing and cleaning. We can get photos prepared on the exact day. But when it comes to recoloring, masking, and creative photo editing, you may require to wait from 1 to 3 business days. We also accept bulk product retouching orders and have amazing discounts on them. But If you are interested in background removal, rotate resizing to maintain an invariant look across the entire range of products.

What Does Product Photo Editing Include?

The main stages in photo editing are color correction and background enhancement. Need photo cropping, brightness adjustment, tags removal, background changing, watermarking, noise reduction, masking, and margin setting to achieve excellent results.

Photo cropping affects removing unwarranted parts of a picture. It allows highlighting of the most effective areas. ColorExperts-India retouchers can smoothly crop your photos to draw awareness to the item displayed. Another essential stage of product retouching is following our client’s style. In this way, we ensure feeling across the entire scope of products and ensure that clients will instantly recognize your brand.

Advantages of eCommerce Photo Editing Services?

Image editing solutions for pre-press and product photo editing for eCommerce businesses. We’ve dealt with huge customers from different parts of the world, and based on their satisfaction, we ensure you with our first-rate service. Presenting clients with custom graphics will be impressive for sure. Attractive images to display to consumers. So that they have a clear idea about the product which means business. The background contains off-putting components, ordinary photoshoots, and poor lighting due to bad weather that can all decrease the interest of your consumers in your product.

Why optimize a product photo?

  • You want your products to stand out among numerous competitors on selling platforms such as eBay or Amazon
  • On your website, more and more people can visit and buy your product.
  • Improve the speed of your website while enhancing the image by making them lighter in size
  • Your product would benefit from a more vintage or contemporary look
  • The background in your photos may need retouching to change how the image affects the viewer

Why Choose Color Experts India?

We have learned from the best and know what doesn’t work? We have clocked in hours upon hours upon hours of Photoshop experience; all of it tailored the best possible way for our customer’s satisfaction. Here at Color Experts India, we house many professional graphic designers who have proved their worth through thousands of happy customers.

They have all mastered Photoshop’s many aspects, such as the Pen Tool, which we use to zoom into your photo and get the clipping path to take out as much background as humanly possible. It also helps maintain the object’s regular shape because it allows us to have the appropriate number of anchor points. We have learned from observation and careful study a large amount or a small number of anchor points result in a horrible final product.

We also don’t use any automated service that helps with our services because it takes away from the skillful human touch and never results in satisfied customers. The internet market is booming, and we are here to help your products get seen and sold! You will think our services are magic once you’ve done it, and that is how we got our name: Color Experts India.

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