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Change the overall feeling of your images with inexpensive background removal services that bring forward the most important element.

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The importance of an image having a white background instead of a regular cluttered one is substantial. A recent survey even assigned a percentage to the number of customers who prefer their background to be while, which is 44%.

The biggest problem regarding white backgrounds is that many people don’t have the time to change their photo backgrounds. Many people are enamored with the everyday tasks of regular life: working, taking care of bills, and children. People don’t have the time to edit their photos, especially when it’s a large group of images. That was precisely why we created our company.

When selling a product on any site, especially any significant players such as Amazon, it is necessary to have clean, white backgrounds on your product’s photos. Some of these sites ever make it a requirement to have nothing on your product’s background other than a white image. But remember, the background removal service here at Color Experts India does not just focus on making images white. For example, if you have a specific color or brand aesthetic, you would like your background to combine.

We can also help with that. Our excellent ratings among customers come from our experts’ abilities to use clipping paths. We always hand drown the clipping paths in a meticulous manner to make sure we supply the best possible product imaginable. Our goal here at Color Experts India is to draw customers into your products. We want your customers to be in absolute awe of your product image’s quality and beauty.

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Image Background Removal Service At Color Experts India

What Is An Image Background Removal Service?

The removal of a background image in a clean manner that leaves only the product left in the picture is what our image background removal service supplies our customers with. This service is typically used for items sold in markets such as Amazon or any other venue. It can still be used for many different projects, such as adding a particular color to the item’s photo.

How to remove the background from an image?

There are several ways we here at Color Experts India go about removing an item’s background. For the most part, we use the Clipping path method mentioned above, and in some complex projects–such as an item with hair–we will have to use the Photoshop feature called “image masking.”

The Importance of Removing a Background Using Clipping Path?

Clipping paths allow a picture to look it’s most natural by lining its edges in a satisfactory manner that captures every minute detail, so every tiny bit of the background is removed. We accomplish this by using a combination of Photoshop features like the pen tool.

More Advanced Background Removal Using Photoshop

Some pictures have a lot of fur or hair involved in them that needs to be skirted around to remove the background appropriately, and these situations require a more advanced Photoshop technique to remove from their border.

If you are interested, you can mess around with the broad array of Photoshop’s tools like their background eraser and their technique that separates color; you can even combine all the different methods. It’s all about using whatever is at your disposal to give your customer a product they won’t hesitate to buy.

Just remember, if you want to take the independent route of removing a background, maintain some consistencies between your photos. You don’t want one image to look like it’s background was removed differently because these inconsistencies will drive a customer off. And always read the guidelines of the site you’re selling because many sites are very picky when it comes to how their products are depicted.

Every aspect of a picture needs to be scrutinized before placing it on a mantel so your customer’s can view it. It means asking yourself questions regarding what background color best compliments the item and what color seems to persuade a customer to buy the product.

Benefits Of Image Background Removal Service

If you are attempting to sell a product to anyone on any platform, you will significantly benefit from our background removal services. Background removal allows the product to stand on its own and lets your potential customers see what it has to offer without a messy background taking away from it.

A good background removal service also ensures that all your items have consistent looks because nothing attracts a buyer more than a predictable nature attached to a company’s product. We here at Color Experts India offer our services no matter the number of photos you have for us; it can be a large batch or even one image: and we will still maintain the same amount of detail on each.

When Should I Use This Background Removing Service?

  • To make sure you follow the photo rules set by the site you’re selling on.
  • To put your item on a pedestal so it stands out in your photo with no background interference.
  • To create a consistent background on a multitude of images.

And When Should I Not Use This Background Removing Service?

  • When your product’s background doesn’t take away from the effect whatever.
  • When your work follows the photo rules written by the site you’re selling on.
  • If you can use different methods to make your photo’s background white while taking the initial image.
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Image Background Remove Service At Color Experts India

We have learned from the best and know what doesn’t work? We have clocked in hours upon hours upon hours of Photoshop experience; all of it tailored the best possible way for our customer’s satisfaction. Here at Color Experts India, we house many professional graphic designers who have proved their worth through thousands of happy customers.

They have all mastered Photoshop’s many aspects, such as the Pen Tool, which we use to zoom into your photo and get the clipping path to take out as much background as humanly possible. It also helps maintain the object’s regular shape because it allows us to have the appropriate number of anchor points. We have learned from observation and careful study a large amount or a small number of anchor points result in a horrible final product.

We also don’t use any automated service that helps with our services because it takes away from the skillful human touch and never results in satisfied customers. The internet market is booming: and we are here to help your products get seen and sold! You will think our services are magic once you’ve done it: and that is how we got our name: Color Experts India.