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Precise and hand-drwan clipping path service to enhance precious details and forms in your photos.

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When talking about a beautiful and crisp picture, nothing is more important than having the best clipping path service or “deep etch.” Nobody wants to see the background of an image, and it is some unnecessary material that takes away from the picture itself. Customers want to view a product, nothing more. Here at Color Experts India, we have a group of professional editors in our Clipping Path Service department who have exquisite talent and are more than willing to help you at a fantastic price and on time.

Attention to detail is incredibly important in a successful clipping path or “deep etch.” Here at Color Experts India, our attention to detail is unmatched. Every minute edge that has to do with a “deep etch” is hand-drawn at our Clipping Path Service department. Every clipping path or “deep etch” is hand-drawn using Photoshop Pen Tool to make 100% sure your product and its edges look the best as possible.

Not only can our Clipping Path Service provide you with the excellent clipping path or “deep etch” you need for your product, but we also focus on doing all of this on time, without an ounce of a hick-up. Your picture will be pristine and perfect the moment you receive it back with or fantastic clipping path or “deep etch” provided. The price is another factor we focus on at Color Experts India. Our prices consistently ranked among the lowest regarding other Clipping Path Service Providers.

Once you have used our Clipping Path Service, you will think it’s magic, and that is precisely the reason for our companies name.

Simple clipping path
Simple Clipping Path
Super complex clipping path
Complex Clipping Path

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What Is Clipping Path Service?

Clipping path service is, essentially, a professional and well-done photo cut-out. It is a process that allows you to remove the background of any picture cleanly. This process is for people who have taken the perfect picture, but the picture is reduced because of some materials or ugly colors in the background. When a clipping path is applied to your image, every bit of the original background will be cleanly removed.

The Complexities of Different Clipping Path Service and the Techniques Used

There are many different clipping path Service, each priced differently due to complexity. They are:

1. Basic Clipping

This clipping path is the simplest and the cheapest type of clipping path we provide. Using this method, you can remove objects with a tiny amount of edges from their background. Clipping path is the best method for phones, pictures, books, balls, etc.

2. Simple Clipping

This clipping path is a bit more complicated than the previous Basic clipping path method. It is still put together in a timely manner, so it only costs a fraction more. This method can remove objects that are more edgy and curvy than the Basic process. Use this method to delete backgrounds from items such as simple jewelry, vehicles, etc.

3. Medium Clipping

The Medium clipping path method is used for objects with intricate edges that need to be taken away from their background. This type of clipping path is usually nuanced to the point where there need to be multiple paths created then put back together for the final product. This clipping path costs more than the two previous because of their increased complexity. This path is best used when you have to remove the background from a group of simple items.

4. Complex Clipping

This method is best used when applied to objects with very complicated edges and multiple holes, multiple items, or different transparency levels. Since Complex clipping paths take so much time, they are more expensive than the Basic and Simple clipping paths. This clipping path is best for anything with hair, models, and a group of complex products.

5. Multiple Clipping

This type of clipping path is complex, with multiple paths created inside the product. This method can prevent you from going through additional troubles of re-shooting if you alter your product’s color or correct a shadow on the picture. Multiple clipping paths are your best bet if you have complicated work that needs changes or corrections to its color.

6. Super Complex Clipping

On rare occasions, an object needs so many different clipping paths that none of the previous methods will work. This method can handle these exact situations. Since this is the most complex type of clipping path, it is more expensive than all the previous choices. Items that contain many cut-outs, complex jewelry, or a group of furry objects will most likely be this clipping path.

How Can You Create A Clipping Path Using Photoshop?

Sadly, there is no easy way that doesn’t warrant putting in a large amount of time and effort to achieve good clipping path results: but it is most definitely possible to do through Photoshop; nothing beautiful comes without substantial effort.

But if you are willing to attempt a clipping path on your own: you can carefully draw a line with the attached Pen Tool around the item in the image that you would like away from its background.

When this step finished, Photoshop’s Path panel offers a multitude of different ways isolates the item away from its surrounding, including:

  • If you would like to remove the background from the actual image: such as to place on a website: the very nifty Paths Panel can make the path reusable while permanently deleting the background.
  • If you’re putting your image somewhere like In Design, there is a way you can isolate the item in your picture only within your layout while not deleting the background; Photoshop retains the background.

Who Needs To Use Our Clipping Path Service Or Deep-etching Service?

Whether you are the type of person with a batch of photos in need of a right clipping path or “deep etch” or the kind of person who only has one image in condition, our Clipping Path Service can be of great use.

Busy photographers need hours upon hours to edit their photos, and most of them don’t have the time. Even large agencies with tight deadlines don’t have the necessary resources to spend their valuable time meticulously editing each photo. These scenarios mentioned above are precisely why Color Experts India founded to take the heavy burdens off individual photographers trying to make a living and agencies trying to supply their customers.

What Are Some Of The Appropriate Situations To Use Clipping Path Service?

  • When you need to take the background off of an image, this allows the main item in the picture to stand out: begging for the customer’s attention.
  • Clipping path even helps you edit individual regions of images if you only want certain parts of the image altered.
  • Clipping path is also necessary if you need a color correction applied to your image, using a multi-clipping path.

When To Not Use Clipping Path?

  • Suppose the image is fuzzy or see-through/transparent. Clipping path is not best used to tackle these situations: and we recommend using advanced image masking.
Complex clipping path 1
Jewelry Clipping Path

How To Remove Background From An Image Using Clipping Path Service?

Clipping path is just one method to remove background from an image. If you want to learn how to do it yourself, check out our Photoshop tutorial about removing the background from a photo with hair.

In this technique, you place the subject of a photo on its layer and make the pixels surrounding it transparent. Segregating the picture in this manner permits you to put your item against another foundation in Photoshop, InDesign, or on a site.

How To Create A Transparent Background Using Clipping Path Service?

When you have an ideal clipping path, you can make your background transparent utilizing one or two strategies:

  • Assume you are setting your picture in InDesign or Quark (for example, in a list design). You can change the way over to a Clipping Path so the background will seem unblemished in Photoshop; however, the foundation will be transparent when the picture is set in InDesign.

  • On the off chance that you need your background to be transparent in all applications, you can change your path to a selection and afterward either erase the background or make an image mask from the selection.

Best Clipping Path Service Provider

Everyone here at our Clipping Path Service department is willing to put in the time, effort, blood, and maybe the occasional tear to supply you with the best clipping path on the market. We have all clocked in countless hours on Photoshop’s pen tool–it lets us give you the cleanest clipping paths. Photoshop even provides us with the ability to zoom in up to 300% on your photos, so we make 100% sure every small pixel is taken care of. It helps us have the appropriate number of anchor points to keep the original item featured in the picture.

Quite different from many other clipping path services, we never automate clipping paths; we believe it takes away from the end product. As observers of other clipping path companies, we have seen how these automated approaches only give the customers bad experiences, never leaving happy.

Color Experts India is here purely for you, the customer. We are always here to offer you help in all of your photo-editing needs, such as clipping path. No matter if you are a freelance photographer grappling with bills and don’t have the time to edit your photos, or you’re a large agency looking for some extra help, we are always here for you. And at the end of the day, we hope to show you a bit of the magic we have to offer here at Color Experts India.